Навіть процес зав'ядання природа зробила прекрасним. А людина, як завжди, оповила все це звичаями та повір'ями, тим самим зробивши атмосферу осені ще більш містичною. Людям, як і листям на деревах, властиво в'янути, але час, відведений людині, на відміну від листка на дереві, передбачити набагато складніше. Тому в багатьох культурах восени прийнято вшановувати померлих. Не сумувати за ними, а пам'ятати і шанувати. Найвідомішим святом такого роду є Хелловін.
Кожен проводить цей час по-різному, але майже кожен відчуває цю атмосферу. І якщо ви плануєте залишитися вдома на цей Хелловін, я хочу порекомендувати вам мультфільм, який ідеально доповнює цю атмосферу. Він називається "Over the Garden Wall". Він складається всього з 10 серій по 10 хвилин і є виключно авторським. Мультфільм насичений пасхалками та відсилками, а комедія там може переплітатися з відверто моторошними сценами, але в наступну мить наповнюватися абсурдною піснею без рими. Справді унікальна анімація, котру я дуже раджу подивитись.
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I am a big fan of natural-like digital drawing. And it is really cool to have some drawing tablet that you can carry with you and do some doodles and sketching on it. "Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+" fits good for this role as well. However the biggest problem of Android platform that there are not so many good apps for digital drawing and notes taking on it. However, there is one really old dark horse among them called "Clover Paint". It is developed and supporting by some enthusiasts from Japan. And I really admire the work they have done. This app has an amazing level of customization and flexibility. But in return it requires from user to spend few hours only to set it up for his needs. Considering amount of settings and possibilities it creates pretty steep learning curve. In combination with an outdated design it can give you false negative impression. But I still think this app is great and I really want to make some contribution to it.
All articles on my site is just a extensionless UTF-8 files with plain text that defines content and "Jinja" macros tags that defines templating of this content. It helps me to avoid usage of the messy databases, using file system instead to create, keep and edit information. Text, Images and related files of particular article storing in the same article folder and in the same time folder with articles folders also separated from the main site sources. Yes, I know that this solution may look weird but it helps me to keep this portal as simple to manage as possible: on lightweight handmade CMS, without admin section, without WYSIWYG tools... on one small flash drive. And just because all this is literally just a text file, I can edit it in most simple text editing tools... like SublimeText3 which I'm using right now.
The biggest problem of this solution that once plain text and "Jinja" tags are mixing up all this soup becomes pretty hard to read. Sure, there are special "Jinga" syntax linter existing but it helps to determine where text and where "Jinga" macros tag is, but it's not helping to determine which particular "Jinja" macros tag it is: paragraph, image, link... etc. and for formating of the article on the go it's highly important. After small research I found out how to create custom syntax that will adjust whole work space for specific needs of this syntax. In this topic I am going to show you most simple and minimalistic case that can be imagined. Also it will be completely independent from all other settings.
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