Hi there!
My nickname is TennojiM... as you may have guessed from the name of the site. I'm a regular IT guy in my daily life so nothing special at all.
And this is my site... blog... name as you wish. But this is not a daily life blog. In this place I'm trying to organize information for myself and share it with other people... maybe even inspire someone in new beginnings. Also there will be some topics about diy, hardware, art, geek culture overall, etc.
This site itself was some kind of a small goal for me. It was developed from scratch and main part here is the articles feed. You can filter content in this feed by including and excluding tags in the top of main page.
I really hope that this project will grow and take a clearer shape in the future, but for now I just want that the things described here were useful to someone.
If you have any questions please contact via my e-mail: tennojim@gmail.com
Thank you for stopping by.
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