Even the process of withering has been made beautiful by nature. And man, as always, enveloped it all in customs and beliefs, thereby making the atmosphere of autumn even more mystical. People, like leaves on trees, tend to wither, but the time allotted to a person, unlike a leaf on a tree, is much more difficult to predict. That is why in many cultures it is customary to honor the dead in the fall. Not to grieve for them, but to remember and honor them. The most famous holiday of this kind is Halloween.
Everyone spends this time differently, but almost everyone feels this atmosphere. And If you plan to stay at home this Halloween I want to recommend you a cartoon that perfectly complements this atmosphere. It is called Over the Garden Wall. It consists of only 10 episodes of 10 minutes each and it is exclusively author's content. Cartoon is full of Easter eggs and references and the comedy there can be intertwined with frankly creepy scenes but in the next moment fill up with an absurd song without rhyme. Truly unique animation and experience.
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