Many LCD panels operate on the unified eDP standard. It means that we can use this open architecture and use this panels in some personal projects. For quite a while I have a bundle kit which consists of a 9.7-inch LCD panel from an old iPad model, eDP adapter for this panel, universal eDP controller board and controls.
So I finally decide to make my own design of enclosure for simple DIY display. Here you can find actual SolidWorks CAD files.
Design is pretty RAW but works fine. It is building like a sandwich layer by layer. All PCB secures in place with studs. Whole construction tightening up with only M3 format usage.
One of the features of design that panel itself lays flat inside freely, without any screws attachment. It means that construction is not adding stress to it so no backlight bleeding.
At first place I wanted to record some assembly video but assembly process was a bit painful to do and eventually painful to watch. So just check the result.
Maybe in the future I will make revision of this design with more cool panel but for now that is it. Few weeks of work for article of few sentences... oh well...
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