Aside from my past experience with FDM 3D printing, which was more of a pain than a pleasure, since i bought "Prusa Mini +", those emotions have changed dramatically. I finally see great example of FDM 3D printer that prints good out of the box, and the option to buy it as a "kit" format and assemble it piece by piece gives a complete understanding of the design and removes the fear of modifying this design. So... what I am doing. This article will be the list of my mods for "Prusa Mini +".
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Sometimes, when you crafting something, you need to have a surface that is guaranteed to be flat. Huge cast iron or granite plates are definitely overkill for hobby purposes. The best option that any enthusiast can find is simple thick glass made by float technology. Such glass has a perfectly flat surface without distortions. This is more than enough to have a work surface which you can use as reference during crafting or assembling process.
So i modeled custom 3D printable corner legs for it.
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I am a big fan of natural-like digital drawing. And it is really cool to have some drawing tablet that you can carry with you and do some doodles and sketching on it. "Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+" fits good for this role as well. However the biggest problem of Android platform that there are not so many good apps for digital drawing and notes taking on it. However, there is one really old dark horse among them called "Clover Paint". It is developed and supporting by some enthusiasts from Japan. And I really admire the work they have done. This app has an amazing level of customization and flexibility. But in return it requires from user to spend few hours only to set it up for his needs. Considering amount of settings and possibilities it creates pretty steep learning curve. In combination with an outdated design it can give you false negative impression. But I still think this app is great and I really want to make some contribution to it.
Here is a video demonstration of how interaction with the application takes place. As I already mentioned, Clover Paint setup possibilities are extremely flexible so you can create workspace that is completelly different from out-of-the-box version. I tried to make most minimalistic and nature-like setup possible. It is good for quick notes and sketches. Also just look how great this app is according to navigation speed.
If you want to get same result, proceed with the guide.
For all this years of gaming I so used to DualShock controllers but now I'm playing on PC most of the time and I don't want to change my habits by switching to something else like Xbox controller... that's actually the whole story. This topic for gamers who want to play on glorious platform using old trusty DualShock 4... or DualSence. So let's get started.
Not so long ago, YouTube decided that it is a very smart idea to not let videos on a specific channel be sorted by date from old to new, because everyone should consume only fresh content, and the author's old works are not so important. Thus, YouTube will once again proves the fears about what this platform is turning into. But despite this, there are a lot of creators on YouTube who enthusiastically talk about the things they are a part of, share information and even teach. So sometimes it is very important for me to have access to the channel videos in chronological order. Unfortunately, there are no solutions on YouTube itself anymore, so I had to figure out some by myself.
I am using Python at work a lot. Mostly to automate routines. So I did some experiment and I got it out of control a bit. So now this is a finished solution... kind of.
So check this article if you want to know more and try it yourself.
UPD: So YouTube put "Oldest" button back. What do you know about time wasting?
For the past few years, I have been actively engaged in CAD modeling. Both parametric and algorithmic. I am so used to usage of constraints that even the thought that in the vector editor I will have to deal with guides, grids and edges binding only, causes me complete frustration. When I started to analyze whether there are programs or tools for doing vector graphics with using of constraints, I was disappointed, because there are no programs that can do this out of the box. But at the same time, I saw that I am not alone in this question.
But solution exists. It is still a combination of two programs: "Blender" and "Inkscape". Both of these programs are open source, flexible and have a large community of enthusiasts, which makes it possible to adjust and modify them for different needs and tasks. So I can say that workflow is pretty convenient.
I am going to show you general workflow on the example of building a simple icon. Video and description complete each other. Please open the video and read this article to figure out what I am doing.
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