Sometimes, when you crafting something, you need to have a surface that is guaranteed to be flat. Huge cast iron or granite plates are definitely overkill for hobby purposes. The best option that any enthusiast can find is simple thick glass made by float technology. Such glass has a perfectly flat surface without distortions. This is more than enough to have a work surface which you can use as reference during crafting or assembling process.
I prefer not to keep crafting glass directly on the table. I stick silicone legs to it. But problem that this legs are easily to peal off. Also when I am using glass for non high precision work I prefer to have additional coating on it. Something like cutting mat works perfectly. But it's hard to keep in on slippery glass surface without movement.
So to solve all this pretty specific quality of life problems i modeled custom 3D printable corner legs.
Here are main features of this solution:
1) Round shape that covers sharp corner of the glass.
2) Slot for silicone leg to be glued in. It's deep enough to prevent pealing off during movement on the table.
3) Slot to glue in wide strip of montage tape for reliable fixation to the glass surface. I am using special one with enhanced adhesion to the glass.
4) Detachable stud limiters for additional surfaces. Simple M3 size of DIN912 and DIN934 are used.
Adding here .stl files for 8mm glass and 3mm additional surface combo.
Also here you can find latest CAD model to play with.
By the way, from the color of part you can guess that I am using filament made from PET bottles. I am really happy about that project and how smoothly it went so now I have access to this cool and free material.
So... for most people such plate seems unnecessary tool, but for me it is mobile solution that allows to have small amount of perfect surface on any table I am working on. And tactile pleasure of usage of course included.
That is it... See ya!
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