Imagine that you are a small bug in a huge and deadly quiet anthill. You go down deeper and deeper. With each meter the air becomes more stale. Light is becoming less and less. Through silence you hear rustling, chirping and rattle. It reminds you that you are not alone here. There are plenty of foes. And agains them you only have agility, chitin armor and a sharpened nail.
Hollow Knight is a 2D souls like metroidvania with unique visual design and a mystical lore in the best traditions of dark fantasy. Game engine is very well optimized for hardcore and skillful gameplay with lot's of mechanics modification possibilities. Complete version of the game contain several addons and it's plenty of content.
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Beastars is a delightful manga in the setting of anthropomorphic animals society. Characters in it are really well developed. All of them have story background and evolution of personality. They are not a plain parody of what kind of species they are. Society in which carnivores and herbivores coexist is guided by own rules where feral instincts playing a big role. And like any developed society, it cannot be without flaws.
Manga drawing style is very curvy and in the same time minimalistic. Lines and movement prevail over form.
Two more things. Please read original manga instead of watching strange CG anime adaptation. And please do not think that Beastars is like Japanese version of Zootopia... it's just not.
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As you may have noticed, the theme of this site is damn miscellaneous, like my "super saturated" life passing between home and work. I writing here driven with pure enthusiasm and do not want this place to become another one targeted blog. I know - I'm strange. I mean... sometimes I have doubt if anyone is reading this.
Anyway, I want to start writing here some short notes about all kinds of media content like books, manga, comix, music, anime, movies, etc. But it will be not reviews for sure. In general, I think that an inept review with a lot of details or targeted trailer can ruin the whole impression of the subject of the story. And I'm talking not even about spoilers. Try sometimes familiarizing yourself with some particular media content without collecting in advance information about it... even basic one, such as a genre. Believe me, sometimes this surprize element helps to immerse in subject even more.
So the format of this short notes will be as follows: few sentences plus few references about subject. Maybe a bit less, maybe a bit more.
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