Photography is one of my hobbys and important part of my life. Considering the fact that I'm totally amateur in it. Anyway I like it and for me this is enough reason to continue.
Most of the time in photography I'm trying to experiment with weird colors, lomo tricks and non-typical post-processing because I think that academic photography is faceless and boring.
For now entire gallery section looks kind of strange... but this is only the beginning.
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In this article I want to tell you about one of the advance media stacks to watch video on your PC.
In this build I'm trying to avoid all unnecessary data processing hops to increase processing speed and reduce latencies and it will help to bring media content on your screen as closer to the original as it's possible with less compressing, transformations, corrections... etc. Basic idea here if you do not know for what it is better turn it off. Also this guide will help you to dive into ocean of high quality video playback with all this acronyms and preferences which we are usually prefer to do not touch and to use VLC Player instead... lol.
This is just one of the examples and it doesn't claim to be perfect or only one right. This is just a base for you. Most of this options are very subjective because everybody have their personal preferences, but anyway some points are very preferable to be turned on or turned off, so let's go through my setup and I will try to explain as much as I can and as much as I know by myself. But I need to warn you that like for most such setups something can go wrong on different OS or hardware so you and only you responsible for your actions.
So let's start!
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To make digital analog of some natural process you need to keep key points on this process unchanged or as close to original as possible. Art is a good example of previously totally natural process that took new branch in digital world. So in this topic I will tell you about one of the best digital drawing solution on the market along with technologies that makes this solution so great. Also this topic contains detailed guide about setup and tweak of this device.
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